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Download Paths to sustainability S.M.A.R.T. (PDF)


Steve McCurry (United States, 1950) reveals his vocation as a documentary maker in his photographs of India, taken over the course of his nearly one hundred visits to the subcontinent. Bearing witness to the urban growth of recent decades, these geopolitical pieces use street scenes to summarize the challenges faced by overpopulated metropolises with contrasting extremes. These are cities bound for rapid change where an ancient history nonetheless persists.



A famous American photojournalist known especially for the “Afghan Girl” photograph that appeared in National Geographic in 1985. He began film studies at Pennsylvania State University, but finally earned his diploma in performing arts. His interest in photography was the result of his collaboration with the university newspaper, The Daily Collegian. He later devoted himself to photojournalism, starting his career with the war in Afghanistan. He subsequently continued covering international conflicts, including the Iran-Iraq war, the strife in Beirut, Cambodia and the Philippines, the Gulf War and Afghanistan. His work has been published in journals around the world. He contributes to National Geographic and is a member of the Magnum agency.

Download Paths to sustainability S.M.A.R.T. (PDF)

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