Download Paths to sustainability S.M.A.R.T. (PDF)


The photographs of Nick Cobbing (United Kingdom, 1967), taken over several decades, testify to the changing character of natural life in the Arctic regions and the urgent need to care for it. Having embarked on many expeditions with international organizations such as Greenpeace, his camera has managed to capture the beauty and fragility of the frozen landscape. His photographs are the most eloquent image of climate change, and have done much to raise awareness of it.


Nick Cobbing

Nick Cobbing’s vocation for photography originates in his interest in nature and his determination to help preserve it. His work focuses on the landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic, and on the effects of climate change in these zones. He is a contributor to National Geographic, Geo, The Sunday Times and the BBC. His work has won major prizes such as the World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year and American Photography awards, and has been exhibited at many galleries and institutions such as the Parliament in Stockholm and the US Capitol. He has also made films produced by the Look Three Festival of Photography and National Geographic magazine.

Download Paths to sustainability S.M.A.R.T. (PDF)

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